1st - 3rd June 2011 Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

5th EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone

Workshop Proceedings

Maritime spatial planning: A new frontier for remote sensing of coastal and marine regions Vittorio Barale 1
Calibration and validation of an algorithm for remote sensing of turbidity over La Plata River estuary, Argentina
Published in EARSeL eProceedings, 10(2): 119-130, 2011
Ana I. Dogliotti, Kevin Ruddick, Bouchra Nechad, Carlos Lasta, Alejandra Mercado, Constanza Hozbor, Raúl Guerrero, Gabriela Riviello López, and Mariana Abelando
Comparison between satellite radiometers and lidar fluorosensor in the Arctic Sea off the Svalbard Islands Luca Fiorani, Francesco Colao, Maurizio Guarracino, Salvatore Marullo, Antonio Palucci, and Davod Poreh 25
Spectroscopy of chromophoric organic substances released by soil microscopic fungi into aqueous medium Daria Khundzhua, Elena Fedoseeva, Svetlana Patsaeva, Vera Terekhova, and Viktor Yuzhakov 49
Chlorophyll a of optically complex coastal waters using regionally specific neural network-based algorithms for MERIS full resolution data Evangelos Spyrakos, Luis Gonzalez Vilas, Jesus Torres Palenzuela, and Nina Yarovenko 57
Progress towards the implementation of a Brillouin lidar for remote sensing of the temperature profile in the ocean Andreas Rudolf, Vincenzo Talluto, and Thomas Walther 68
Remote sensing as a tool to monitor and analyse Abruzzo coastal changes: Preliminary results from the ASI Cosmocoast project Francesco Palazzo, Valerio Baiocchi, Fabio Del Frate, Francesca Giannone, Donatella Dominici, Daniele Latini, Keti Lelo, and Sylvie Remondiere 79
Observation of the suspended sediment concentrations in the coastal area using Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) Joo-Hyung Ryu, and Jong-Kuk Choi 89
Oil pollution using shipborne LIF/lidar Daniel Pereira, Julio Martín, and Jesús M. Torres Palenzuela 94
Evaluation of water pullution by LIF lidar Andrei B. Utkin, Alexander Lavrov, and Rui Vilar 104
Bio-optical characterization of Asinara Gulf sea water in Sardinia (Italy) using both laser spectrofluorimeter and remote sensing data Ileana Iocola, Daniele Pittalis, Massimo Iannetta, Antonella Lugliè, Bachisio Padedda, Silvia Pulina, Nicola Sechi, Luca Fiorani, Ivano Menicucci, and Antonio Palucci 114
Towards a validation of Envisat RA-2 high rate significant wave height in coastal systems: Case study of the Gulf of Cadiz Isabel Caballero, Jesús Gómez-Enri, Gabriel Navarro, and Pilar Villares 120
Turbidity patterns and climate variability in the Guadalquivir estuary (SW Iberian peninsula) Isabel Caballero, Javier Ruiz, and Gabriel Navarro 131
Remote sensing reflectance of submerse macrophytes - searching for true spectra Patrick Wolf, Sebastian Roessler, Thomas Schneider, and Arnulf Melzer 138
Project ENERBIOALGAE (SUDOE): Fluorescence spectra techniques for the control of phytoplankton cultures and monitoring of wastewater parameters Evangelos Spyrakos, Jesus M. Torres Palenzuela, Manuel Piñeiro Martínez, and José Luis Legido Soto 145
Remote determination of temperature and salinity in presence of dissolved organic matter in natural waters using laser spectroscopy Tatiana Dolenko, Sergey Burikov, Alexey Sabirov, and Victor Fadeev 150
A new resource for global lake surface water temperature and lake ice-cover data Stuart N. MacCallum, Christopher J. Merchant, and Aisling Layden 156
Optical properties of aerosols and their sensitivity to relative humidity and size distribution in the New York City urban-coastal area
Published in EARSeL eProceedings, 11(1): 52-63, 2012
Daniela Viviana Vladutescu, Yonghua Wu, Barry Gross, Fred Moshary, and Samir Ahmed