Keynote Lectures
Imaging spectroscopy in ecology and the carbon cycle: heading towards new frontiers  pp. 13-16
Michael E. Schaepman
The importance of reflectance terminology in imaging spectroscopy  pp. 17-28
Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Michael Schaepman, Stefan Dangel, Thomas Painter and John Martonchik
Sensors & Missions
En-MAP - An Advanced hyperspectral mission  pp. 31-34
H. Kaufmann, K. Segl, S. Chabrillat, A. Müller, R. Richter, G. Schreier, S. Hofer, T. Stuffler, R. Haydn, H. Bach and U. Benz
The potential of the proposed Canadian HERO mission for geoscience applications  pp. 35-45
K. Staenz, R.A. Neville, R. Hitchcock, P. Assouad, K. Omari, L. Sun, M. Bergeron and H.P. White
The ariborne imaging spectrometer APEX: From concept to realisation  pp. 47-53
J. Nieke, K.I. Itten, W. Debruyn and the APEX team
Airborne research with DLR flight facilities  pp. 55-65
A. Hausold, M. Krautstrunk, H. Finkenzeller, A. Giez and S. Schröder
Implementation of the automatic processing chain for ARES  pp. 67-75
M. Habermeyer, A. Müller, S. Holzwarth, R. Richter, R. Müller, M. Bachmann, K.H. Seitz, P. Sefert and P. Strobl
Belgian airborne imaging spectroscopy campaigns: an overview  pp. 77-82
K. Meuleman, W. Debruyn, I. Reusen, C. Petit and J. Vandenabeele
Parallelization of APEX airborne imaging spectrometer product generation  pp. 83-90
J. Brazile, J.W. Kaiser, D. Schläpfer, J. Nieke, M.E. Schaepman and K.I. Itten
Determination and monitoring of boresight misalignment angles during the HyMap campaigns HyEurope 2003 and HyEurope 2004  pp. 91-100
S. Holzwarth, R. Müller and C. Simon
Design and prototyping of the SPECTRA simulator architecture  pp. 101-106
S. Dangel, J. Brazile, M. Kneubühler, K.I. Itten, F. Petitcolin, L. Jia, C. Miesch, M. Gloor, J. Moreno, M. Scheapman, B. Carnicero and M. Rast
ASI - A new airborne hyperspectral imager  pp. 107-110
I. Baastad, T. Løke and P. Kaspersen
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Land degradation monitoring: spectral variability in a semi-arid mediterranean ecosystem (Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijarm, Spain)  pp. 113-118
S. Chabrillat, H. Kaufmann, P. Escribano and A. Palacios-Orueta
Use of imaging spectroscopy to assess the impact of land use changes in a semi-arid karstic landscape: Los Monegros, Spain  pp. 119-126
M. Koch, T. Schmid, J. Gumuzzio and P.M. Mather
Characterizing heterogeneous environments: hyperspectral versus geometric very high resolution data for urban studies  pp. 127-133
P. Hostert, A. Damm, E. Diermayer and S. Schiefer
Determination and verification of robust spectral features for an automated classification of sealed urban surfaces  pp. 135-142
U. Heiden, K. Segl, S. Roessner and H. Kaufmann
Field and imaging spectroscopy to determine soil degradation stages in semi-arid terrestrial ecosystems  pp. 143-151
T. Schmid, M. Koch, J. Gumuzzio and I. Medel
Environmental Modelling
Subpixel information on directivity of soil surface shape  pp. 155-162
J. Cierniewski and T. Gdala
Application of hyperspectral imaging for the quantification of surface soil moisture in erosion monitoring and modelling  pp. 163-171
S. Haubrock, S. Chabrillat and H. Kaufmann
Hyperspectral remote sensing of peat humification  pp. 173-182
J. McMorrow, M. Cutler, A. Al-Roichi and M. Evans
Weights derived from hyperspectral data to facilitate an optimal field sampling scheme for potential minerals  pp. 183-199
P. Debba, F.J.A. van Ruitenbeek, F.D. van der Meer, E.J.M. Carranza and A. Stein
Discrimination between fallow and arable fields by multitemporal reflectance measurements  pp. 201-209
J. Piekarczyk
HYECO'04: using hyperspectral reflectance data to initialise ecological models  pp. 211-217
A. Schmidt, H. van Dobben, W. Wamelink, L. Kooistra and M. Schaepman
Potential of spectral feature analysis to estimate nitrogen concentration in mixed canopies  pp. 219-226
S. Huber, M. Kneubühler, N.E. Zimmermann and K.I. Itten
Using imaging spectroscopy for the quantitative determination of soil iron content in partially vegetated areas  pp. 227-235
H. Bartholomeus, G. Epema and M. Schaepman
Influence of changing background on CHRIS/Proba data over an heterogeneous canopy  pp. 237-245
B. Koetz, M. Kneubühler, Jürg Schopfer, M. Schaepman and K. Itten
Linking biochemical and biophysical variables derived from imaging spectrometers to ecological models - The HyEco'04 Group Shoot  pp. 247-255
L. Kooistra, J. Clevers, M. Schaepman, H. van Dobben, W. Wamelink, K. Sykora J. Holtland, O. Batelaan, L. Bertels, W. Debruyn, J. Bogaert and the HyEco Group
Characterization of landcover types by classification and parameter retrieval using HyMap imagery  pp. 257-270
A. Mohammed, W. Dorigo, M. Habermeyer, A. Müller and T. Schneider
Limnology & Hydrology
CASI-ATM observed and simulated ecohydrological relevant water and energy fluxes  pp. 273-280
O. Batelaan, L.Q. Hung and B. Verbeiren
Combining passive hyperspectral imagery and active fluorescence laser spectroscopy for airborne quantitatiove mapping of oil slicks at sea  pp. 281-292
M. Lennon, S. Babichenko, N. Thomas, V. Mariette and G. Mercier
Hyperspectral airborne remote sensign of the Belgian coastal waters  pp. 293-299
S. Sterckx, W. Debruyn and P. Kempeneers
Determination of water quality parameters in Indian Ponds using remote sensign methods  pp. 301-315
M. Kneubühler, C. Gemperli, D. Schläpfer, R. Zah and K. Itten
CHRIS/Proba superspectral data for inland water quality studies  pp. 317-325
K. Osińska-Skotak, M. Kruk, M. Mróz and M. Szumiło
MIRE site type mapping of boreal peatlands with hyperspectral airborne HyMap in northern Finland  pp. 329-336
H. Arkimaa, M. Middleton, E. Hyvönen, V. Kuosmanen, J. Laitinen and R. Sutinen
Gentle sloping quaternary geological units with DAIS 7915 hyperspectral data  pp. 337-342
A. Riaza, E. García-Meléndez, M. Suárez and A. Müller
Atmospheric modelling using high resolution radiative transfer codes and identification of CO2 absorption bands to estimate aoalfire related emissions  pp. 345-353
P.K. Gangopadhyay, F. van der Meer and P. van Dijk
Sensitivity study for atmospheric applications with APEX  pp. 355-366
J.W. Kaiser, J. Nieke, D. Schläpfer, J. Brazile and K.I. Itten
Wildfire smoke analysis using the 760 nm oxygen absorption feature  pp. 367-377
D. Schläpfer, I.B. McCubbin, B. Kindel, H.W. Kaiser and E. Ben-Dor
Mining & Environment
The role of remote sensing in geo-environmental management  pp. 381-388
C. Fleming and S. Marsh
MINEO two years later - did the project impulse a new era in imaging spectroscopy applied to mining environments?  pp. 389-395
S. Chevrel
A comparison of hyperspectral airborne HyMap and spaceborne HYPERION data as tools for studying the environmental impact of talc mining in Lahnaslampi, NE Finland  pp. 397-407
V. Kuosmanen, J. Laitinen and H. Arkimaa
Mapping surface pH using airborne hyperspectral imagery at the Sotiel-Migollas mine, Spain  pp. 409-414
N. Zabcic, C. Ong, A. Müller and B. Rivard
Evaluation of environmental risks of non point source heavy metal contamination using DAIS sensor  pp. 415-423
J. Tamás, P. Kardeván, Elemér Kovács, Elza Kovács and P. Takács
Methods & Data Processing
An iterative extension to the MAD transformation for change detection in multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing data  pp. 427-437
A.A. Nielsen
Improving class separability - a comparative study of transformation methods for the hyperspectral feature space  pp. 439-447
M. Bochow
Multi-class support vector machine classification for hyperspectral data  pp. 449-454
X. Jia
Use of hyperspectral and laser scanning data for urban material mapping: Comparison of a pixel-based and an object-oriented approach  pp. 455-465
S. Brand
Iterative mesma unmixing for fractional cover estimates - evaluating the portability  pp. 467-473
M. Bachmann, A. Müller, M. Habermeyer, M. Schmidt and S. Dech
A segment-based reference spectra definition for multisensor image data  pp. 475-480
A. Greiwe and M. Ehlers
A mathematical morphology based approach to locating spectral endmembers  pp. 481-487
C. Bielski and P. Soille
Spatial enhancement of TIR ASTER data via VNIR images and generalized laplacian decomposition  pp. 489-500
B. Aiazzi, S. Baronti, A. Garzelli, L. Santurri and M. Selva
A new model-driven correction factor for BRDF effects in HRS data  pp. 501-511
T. Feingersh, W. Dorigo, R. Richter and E. Ben-Dor
Calibration home base for the airborne imaging spectrometer APEX  pp. 513-521
B. Suhr, P. Gege, P. Strobl, J.W. Kaiser, J. Nieke, K.I. Itten and G. Ubrich
A network for data acquisition and synchronous experiments control in remote sensing  pp. 523-526
G. Georgiev, D. Petkov and H. Nikolov
Spectrodirectional field and laboratory measurements of an artificial target  pp. 527-534
J.T. Schopfer, S. Dangel, T. Rodriguez, M. Kneubühler and K. Itten
A lut approach for biophysical parameter retrieval by RT model inversion applied to wide field of view data  pp. 535-542
W. Dorigo, R. Richter and A. Müller
Compression and object-oriented processing of segmented hyperspectral images in ENVI  pp. 543-549
S. Schiefer, P. Hostert, A. Damm and E. Diermayer
Long-term vicarious calibration efforts of MERIS at Railroad Valley Playa (NV) - an update  pp. 551-559
M. Kneubühler, M. Schaepman and K. Thome
Operational simulation of at sensor radiance sensitivity using the MODO/MODTRAN4 environment  pp. 561-569
D. Schläpfer and J. Nieke
Hyperspectral bidirectional reflectance measurements of Fagus sylvatica leaves  pp. 573-583
D. Biliouris, K. vom Berge, J. Van Aardt, B. Muys and P. Coppin
ANMB650-725 - A new optical index for chlorophyll estimation of a forest canopy from hyperspectral images  pp. 585-592
Z. Malenovský, C. Ufer, Z. Lhotáková, J.G.P.W. Vlevers, M.E. Schaepman, P. Cudlin and J. Albrechtová
Concept for Forest parameter estimation based on combined Imaging Spectrometer and LIDAR data  pp. 593-603
B. Koetz, F. Morsdorf, M. Kneubühler, K. Itten and B. Allgöwer
Estimating conifer forest LAI with HyMap data using a reflectance model and artificial neural nets  pp. 605-610
M. Schlerf, C. Atzberger, S. Mader and T. Udelhoven
Forest classification using high spectral and spatial resolution data  pp. 611-616
J. Lumme
Forest map revision using the hyperspectral scanner AISA images  pp. 617-629
P. Wężyk and B. Wertz
Forest canopy structure derived from spatial and spectral high resolution remote sensing data  pp. 631-639
M. Beusch, B. Koetz, M. Kneubühler and K. Itten
Methodology comparison of quantitative LAI retrieval using imaging spectroscopy and geo-spatial iterpolation in a soft wood forest  pp. 641-651
T. Mengesha, L. Kooistra, S. de Bruin, R. Zurita Milla and M. Schaepman
Seasonal variability in spectral reflectance for discriminating grasslands along a dry-mesic gradient in Switzerland  pp. 655-666
A. Psomas, N.E. Zimmermann, M. Kneubühler, T. Kellenberger and K. Itten
Application of ENVISAT MERIS, TERRA ASTER and MODIS data for crop yield modelling  pp. 667-675
K. Dąbrowska-Zielińska, A. Ciołkosz, M. Gruszczyńska and A. Hościło
Detection of biotic stress (Venturia inaequalis) in apple trees using hyperspectral analysis  pp. 677-689
S. Delalieux, J. van Aardt, W. Keulemans and P. Coppin
Assessment of the potential of hyperspectral data and techniques for mountain vegetation analysis  pp. 691-708
M. Sobczak, A. Folbrier, M. Krówczyńska, P. Pabjanek, M. Wrzesień and B. Zagajewski
Hyperspectral imaging of photosynthesis from the single leaf to the complex canopy - understanding the spatio-temporal variations of photosynthesis within a drought-stressed tropical canopy  pp. 709-719
U. Rascher, C.J. Nichol and C. Small
High resolution multisensoral approach to determine high stressed vegetation in floodplains in the Mulderegion (Germany) 2002/2003  pp. 721-726
M. Lehmann and C. Gläßer
Spectral determination of plant water content of wheat canopies  pp. 727-736
R. Sonnenschein, T. Jarmer, M. Vohland and W. Werner
Estimation of leaf area index in dwarf mountain pine (Pinus mugo Turra) using hyperspectral data  pp. 737-744
M. Wrzesień, B. Zagajewski, M. Sobczak and T. Zwijacz-Kozica
Vegetation ground-based models in crop state monitoring  pp. 745-752
R. Kancheva, D. Borisova
Improving withinclass separation for vegetation classification  pp. 753-758
H.S. Nikolov, N.N. Jeliazkova
A method using deffered remote sensign techniques for estimation grassland bio-physical variables  pp. 759-772
J.G.P.W. Clevers, G.W.A.M. van der Heijden and A.G.T. Schut